Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Follow Your Passion!

I love Eco-Amie!  This is a true passion of mine: our Earth, our impact on her and how we can do our part to exist gently on her so she is preserved for our children and generations to come as well as just plain being healthy.  Whether it be eating healthy, exercising, cooking, baking, you get the drift!  I have so many ideas in my head, I am constantly living blog posts and it has been a little overwhelming!  Good. And overwhelming. 

Last night, I opened a book I having been taking my time reading, Off The Mat: Confessions of A Yogini, Book 7: The Crown Chakra by Dana Layon.  Dana owns a yoga studio in the area I live in and also writes Weekly Oms.  I have subscribed to Dana's Oms for almost a year, and every Friday I read words that inspire me and make me think on levels that are usually unchallenged.  Dana recently had her Om's published and they became a series of seven books, one for each chakra. 

So tonight I put my feet up against the wall and started reading my book feeling like I needed direction with Eco-Amie.  I started reading words that described my life and how I am feeling at the moment...good, overwhelmed, and a sense of knowing that I am going the right direction.  Dana says, "Take the seed you just planted within you and cultivate it slowly...Plant the seeds.  Watch them grow.  Do it for you and then see what kind of garden you get out of it." 

I will continue to water, tend to my garden and watch it blossom into whatever it will be. 


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