Monday, September 12, 2011

Powerful Movies = Must See

We watched the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead recently after watching Forks Over Knives the night before.  Wow!  Both are incredible films about what we eat and how the body reacts to the food we are putting in it.  Rather than give you a synopsis of the movies, I'd rather talk about the changes we are making since watching the movies. 

Mr. Eco and I researched the benefits and concerns of eating a plant based diet.  The conclusions we reached at this point in time are:
  • Everything in moderation.    We are not ready to cut red meat out of our diets completely; however, there is room to significantly cut back!  We would also like to eat more fish.   

  • Try to be more healthy in the choices we make for food products.  Grass-fed beef, free-range, local chicken and eggs, organic fruits and vegetables, growing more types of plants in our home garden.

  • Be more sustainable in our own yard.  More garden beds, fruit trees, rain catchers attached to the rain gutters...heck, we have even talked about a tilapia pool! 
Juices and juicers were a topic of research today!  Inspired by Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, we are interested in trying the Reboot Program and going on a fruit and vegetable only diet!  I can only commit to 5 days; Mr. Eco wants it bad and it is setting his goal at 10 days!  We need to acquire a juicer to proceed and follow the instructions laid-out for the week prior to Rebooting.  I will have to stop drinking coffee!  I think I am having the hardest time with that one instruction.  I laugh about missing the CoffeeMate more than the coffee.  It's really not funny and I probably am addicted to the stuff! 

Lastly, I am going to leave you with the following postcard from the movie, Food, Inc.  When I read the ten things I can do to change the food system, I noticed some points that I could work on.  There is always room for improvement!

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